Don’t take our word for it … see for yourself what our students say about MLS:

“It was a pleasure to study here at MLS.  I started with no confidence in English, especially with my speaking, and now I am much better.

I want to thank everyone, teachers and staff, for helping and trying to do whatever they could to help us with our English.  I got 6.5 in IELTS, which is a good score for me and this was because of the IELTS class at MLS with Jen and to Graeme who helped me a lot to get it .”

Suhail, Saudi Arabia, General English Intensive and IELTS (IELTSI), 2019-2020

Marine and Maxime, France
General English (GE), 2020

Marine:  “I came to MLS in order to improve my skills in English and prepare for my Master’s in International Trade.  Since the first day I had a good feeling about the school.  The reception and the staff are really friendly.
I would recommend MLS for the quality of the classes, I appreciated working in small groups so that every student has the same opportunity to progress and all the teachers give us the same attention.
My experience during these 5 months has been better than expected.  I met wonderful people from different countries and Bournemouth is a lovely city to live in.
Now I’m more confident to interact with foreigners and I enjoy practising my English.  My certificate is a real benefit for my CV and my studies."

Maxime:  "I went to MLS in order to improve my English for my future job or for my future studies.  My level was low and I could double it!
MLS International College is a very good school with small classes and good teachers.  There were also different kinds of activities like Conversation Club, sports, Karaoke, films…
Moreover, I met a lot of students from different countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy… It’s very interesting to compare different cultures.
Currently I’m going back to my old company to be team leader in the logistics department.
Finally, 5 months’ ago I couldn’t imagine speaking English with other people.  But after these months I really enjoy sharing in English with other students and friends!  It was a good experience, but in my opinion a few more months would have been better to practice more."

Ayoung, Korea
General English Intensive (GEI), 2020

“I came to MLS to study General English for 10 months and I’ve had a lot of unforgettable experiences.  I now have the confidence to speak English and I was too shy to do it at first.  The school staff and teachers were really helpful and they gave me many chances to speak all the time so that I got used to it more quickly than I expected!  The classes were all divided into different areas of English so that I could focus on all aspects of the language and I was able to get a thorough review of my English skills.
While I was studying here I always felt like a member of our school, not only one of the students.  Everyone is so warm and friendly.  Moreover, I met many friends of different nationalities and I’ve made the best friend of my life as well.  I’m absolutely pleased that I studied in our school, MLS."

Harold, Switzerland
Business and Specialised English (one-to-one tuition in: Management; Financial English; Legal English; Hospitality and Tourism), 2020

"I arrived at MLS to prepare for my Master’s on the Business English programme and, to be honest, everything was better than I expected: the facilities, the teachers, but also the friendships I have made.  It was a wonderful experience and I’ll go home with a mind full of memories.  Thank you for everything."

Harold will be studying for a Master’s degree in Law and Economics at the University of Lausanne.

Laura, Switzerland
General English Intensive and FCE (FCEI) / General English Intensive and CAE (CAEI), 2019

‘When I tested at a higher level than I had expected, I got a lot of help to find the perfect class for me.  Before I decided to take Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) I still had FCE in mind, but I got all the necessary materials after changing to the CAE class.  The teachers are very kind and patient.  They always agreed to focus on our wishes, even if this wasn’t in the programme.
Whenever you enter MLS there is always a warm welcome and a friendly smile behind the desk.  It never mattered what kind of information you needed because there was always someone at reception to help you.  Simply amazing! There is a beautiful feeling of being at home at MLS and of being accepted no matter where you are from.
I was lucky enough to become a Student Representative at MLS and we tried our best to come up with ideas.  But even without those, there is always a wide variety of activities to choose from.
Thank you so much for your support over the last three months.  I had an amazing time at MLS and in Bournemouth!’

Annie (Yiyun), China
General English Intensive and IELTS (IELTSI), 2019

"Time really flies.  Six weeks ago, I arrived here as a newcomer who was full of curiosity yet also insecurity.  But soon after that, I found all my worries and uneasiness disappeared at the first sight of Lesley, who was smiling at me with a warm welcome in the Student Lounge.  The following days were brilliant, along with the big changes on me.  Exposed to the school atmosphere with various nationalities and age groups, I got to learn about different cultures and made a lot of friends.  When it came to classes, every teacher I met here is responsible and patient, and always glad to answer all kinds of questions I asked.  Here, I’d like to thank Oliver, Natalie and Russell – you are all really good teachers in my heart.  Apart from that, we can also enjoy amazing social programmes here, such as conversation clubs, cultural dinners, the Sea Safari and so on.
I really appreciate all the people I have met here.  And it’s definitely an unforgettable experience in my life."

Laura, Spain
Business English Intensive (BEI) + Elective, 2019

“It has been a great way to take advantage of the Summer. Lots of new concepts have been learned, and not only through hard work but also through fun.  At MLS you are going to find people who love to teach and that’s GOLD!
I’m really looking forward to going back to work and putting into practice everything I have learned; conducting meetings, facilitating workshops and carrying out research.
If you need to boost your English business skills, I strongly recommend taking the opportunity!”

Giovanni, Italy
Business Simulation Programme (VBSP), 2019

Giovanni is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Economics: Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets, at the University of Ferrara.  This will include a term at the University of Ghent, in Belgium, where he is going as part of the Erasmus project.

“MLS is more than a simple school for me, it has been a big family.  Friendly students and qualified teachers.  In the business course I’ve had the opportunity to improve my skills and deal with several interesting topics with my classmates.  The teachers have always done their best to involve us in workgroups and individual presentations.  I believe the Business Simulation Programme is really interesting and my teachers always want to involve students.  I would like to thank my teachers Russ and Laura for the passion and enthusiasm they have transmitted to me.
I highly recommend other international students to move out of their comfort zone and join MLS.  It’s well worth it!”

Fahad, Saudi Arabia
General English Intensive and IELTS (IELTSI), 2019

Fahad has followed language courses at MLS for two consecutive summers and this year he has been a Student Representative, in which role he has organised many student events.  He needs the English for medical studies.

“I don’t know at what age I started to think about being a doctor. The only thing I remember is that my father used to tell people that I was his doctor. I’ve worked hard to achieve this aim and now I’m a medical student.
This is my second course at MLS - I came last year as well. I have improved my English a lot, which is going to help me at university. Many thanks to MLS and all the staff!”

Alan, Switzerland
General English Intensive (GEI), 2019

“This school is probably one of the best experiences concerning the learning effect and the social environment that I’ve ever had. I was very happy to have such great teachers. The lessons with every teacher were interesting in different ways and I learned a lot. There was a lot to do at MLS and I really appreciated the activities. It was a good way to socialise and get to know new people.
Thank you very much for everything and keep it up!”

Marius, France
English for Aviation (EA2), 2019

“All of the teachers are passionate and they give you the motivation to learn. They encourage students and create a good mood so the lessons were interesting and a lot of points were taught. The social programme was interesting and allowed you to learn a lot of new things. The different activities helped you to make some new friends quickly.”

Anastasiia, Russia
Business Simulation Programme (BSP), 2019

“I studied Business English, which included really useful vocabulary, interesting texts, good grammar tasks and excellent exercises. The teachers were excellent! Tracy and Russ were the best teachers I have ever met and the way they teach is really interesting and it makes you like studying. Information for students is really well organised. There is lots of information about activities, places to visit and tours. Among the social activities I visited the Conversation Club and I really loved it. It was my first experience and I had a lot of fun there, meeting new people from different countries.”

Jessica, Brazil
General English Intensive (GEI), 2019

“Today I see that my end result has exceeded my expectations. The staff are the best thing about the school as they treat students in a personalised way. All the staff are excellent professionals and they know every student by name, which is fantastic! The social programme gives you very good opportunities to interact and it’s so creative. Thank you so much MLS.”

Ismail, Turkey
General English (GE), 2019

“Hello, I’m Ismail and I’m 24-years-old.  When I first came to MLS College in Bournemouth I felt down about my English skills.  I decided every day I had to study – reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.  Three times a week, every week, I went to Conversation Club, which is very beneficial.
Since I was a little boy my dream is to be a pilot.  That’s why I’m here.  I can say clearly that I have made a big improvement since I arrived and this is because of MLS College.  Yes, I cannot say that my level is advanced but, when I came to Bournemouth I didn’t speak English.  But now I can explain myself on everything.
Thanks to you MLS! And thanks to my host family J”

Alena, Switzerland
General English Intensive (GEI), 2019

“ My first visit to MLS was in 2006. I’m a single mother and to be here is like taking a holiday: relaxing; back to school; the beach; different trips... I like England and its history very much and the people are very kind and friendly. I know MLS and Bournemouth, which makes me feel more sure - I feel safe here. The teachers and reception staff at MLS help you all the time. I love it! ❤️”

Anton, Russia
Aviation English, 2019

“The Study programme thoroughly provides all of us with everything we need for the EALTS test and even more with its General English classes. All of the teachers are amazing, expressive with a nice sense of humour and perfect English knowledge. Really love ‘em. I would like to say thank you to everyone for everything. I appreciate your helpfulness.”

Martin, Spain
General English Intensive (GEI), 2019

"My experience at MLS was perfect.  I felt comfortable every day since I started.  The teachers were very friendly - professional, patient and funny - and I never got bored in class.  One of the things I liked was that you have many activities after class which, in my opinion, give a good chance to improve your English and make new friends.  I will never forget this experience!"

Luis, Brazil
Business Simulation Programme, 2019

"At the beginning of my course, I wasn’t expecting much.  I was expecting a normal school, with normal people and normal colleagues.  But it’s not normal at all, in fact, I never felt more like I was home than here considering MLS is a college.  The teaching staff are amazing, the reception, administration, everyone is lovely and fun and the environment, the atmosphere is amazing. I had the opportunity to do the Business Simulation Programme.  For those who are interested in the topic or have a family business or just want to expand their knowledge at this [Business], I would totally recommend it."

Ertunc, Turkey
Business English, 2019

"After I graduated from university I realised I needed a break.  My brother used to study at MLS and passed his proficiency exam in English so I came too.  I really appreciate all the help I have got at MLS. In the classroom we have had the opportunity to role play a whole range of international business scenarios.  When we didn’t have the right language, the teachers gave us the feedback we needed. Some of the teachers and staff at MLS have been an inspiration and I have learned a lot about English, but also a lot about dealing with people. Learning a language is a lifelong journey.  Never give up!  Meet other cultures and share your experience because learning a language will change your life for the better."

Anna, Russia
Aviation English, 2019

"It was a great course.  Lovely teachers who always answer our questions.  Very relaxed atmosphere and nice a environment which helps you to practise speaking in English.  If you are confident to speak - just do it.  If not, the teachers find ways to get you to speak.  It's a really nice place and a perfect training!"

Elfriede (Elfi), Germany
Teacher Development Course, 2018

"Being a teacher of English I had already made up my mind to look for a place to further my education at a British College and after searching for one on the internet I found the address of MLS College.
The very first contact with the lady responsible for information was helpful, positive and encouraging. It took only a short time to receive an answer to my open questions. So I would say that the support given concerning all the necessary forms that had to be completed was excellent. The first day of class was an interesting mix of being informed about the college and the attractive city of Bournemouth as well as having the chance to attend suitable class meetings to practise my English. Not only was I offered classes to work on my knowledge of English but what was even more enriching in the afternoons was that I could observe various instructors teaching classes at different levels. I was also able to look at a wide range of teaching materials to gain a deeper insight into the variety of language resources. Let me mention that I felt welcome and respected at all times by the staff as well as by other students at MLS College. My host family was helpful and the opportunity to concentrate on my work was guaranteed.
The idea of Erasmus being to widen one's horizon for working as a teacher successfully was fully realized during my stay.
I am very thankful for this invaluable experience and would add that if you are looking for a place to do some additional further education work I strongly recommend attending a course at MLS College in Bournemouth.
Thank you for the wonderful support !!"

Alberto, Italy
General English Intensive, 2018

“I'm an Italian student in the Faculty of International and Diplomatic Science in Forli. English is very important for my studies and for future job opportunities so I decided to do an English course abroad. A friend of mine recommended MLS College - she spoke very well of the school, the environment and the town. I did the Intensive English course for 4 weeks. It was my first 'long experience' outside my country and it was one of the best adventures of my life. At MLS you feel at home! The lessons are divided into subjects but you can interact with teachers and with your classmates all the time and you can ask to talk about specific topics and start interesting and fun discussions without problems.
If you want to improve your English and have fun at the same time, I recommend MLS. The town is fantastic, you can see beautiful parks and 5 minutes from MLS you arrive at the sea and you can spend your time on the beach playing volleyball, football or eating something on the sand. I couldn't be more satisfied and I would like to thank all the teachers, the staff and the girls at the front desk.
I met fantastic people inside and outside the school and I'm very grateful to MLS College for giving me such a wonderful experience!”

Anastasiia, Russia
General English, 2018

“One of the best experiences I ever had! I’m glad to be part of this international ‘MLS family’. Our programme included not only very interesting lessons with highly skilled teachers, but also unforgettable activities and tours, which helped me to feel the real atmosphere and culture of the United Kingdom!
I hope to keep in touch with other students and the college for a long time! Thank you so much!”

Beatriz, Brazil
Legal Studies and Business Communications, 2018

“We have really enjoyed the Legal Studies course and would recommend it because we have learned a lot. The course is different in MLS because we study a given topic and we are free to discuss it and give our opinions. Often English for Law courses only teach you vocabulary, but here we can talk about the law in our own countries and compare our laws with those of the UK.
The classes are interactive and we are free to express our opinions and have a free discussion.
During the course we visited the law courts here in Bournemouth and attended a trial, which again gave us lots to talk about in class - comparing the UK jury system with our own.”

Costanza, Italy
International Business Communications (IBC30), 2018

"“Finally I received my BEC certificate. I’m so glad I chose MLS to get ready for this exam. At school I found the best teachers and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it felt like a family and that helped a lot. I would choose MLS again and I will always recommend it to other students. Thanks for all!"

Gizem, Turkey
Marketing, Advertising, PR and Business Communications, 2018

“I’m a post-graduate Marketing student in Istanbul. I studied Marketing and Business Communications in MLS for 6 weeks and it was a good chance for me to combine what I learned in my Master’s with the MLS course. I took 3 different classes and all the teachers were helpful, smiling, sincere, and like advisers. Because the classes are not crowded, each student can express his/her ideas clearly and practise English effectively.
MLS College is like a family. Because it’s not a crowded school, everyone knows each other which leads students to become friends easily. Everyone in the college (staff and students) are genial. I’m so glad to be in MLS. My 6 weeks in Bournemouth will be an unforgettable part of my life. Thank you for this amazing experience!”

Nathalie, France
Tailor Made Executive Course in Business English, 2018

"Thank you MLS College, don’t change anything!
I have just completed a tailor made executive course in Business English and I can say that MLS is a wonderful school where you feel good.
The 2-week full immersion course I did this year was better than the course I did last time, because I had two weeks instead of one. The students of various nationalities that I met were very interesting and nice.
The team of teachers is wonderful. I would like to say thank you more specifically to Brenda, Russell and Shaun.
I recommend both homestay families where I stayed Debbie and Trish are 2 fantastic women… I felt very welcome in both homes. Thank you to both of them.
Finally, thank you to Laura for her support and specifically thank you to Lesley. I hope to come back the next year."

Paolo, Brazil
English For Aviation (EA4), 2018

"I'm a pilot in Brazil and English is very important for my job and my life. When I was looking for an English course my agent recommended MLS College in Bournemouth because they specialise in Aviation English.
I have been here for 4 weeks and I have had a really amazing time. Most of my classes have been General English and I have met people from all over the world while I have been working on my grammar and learning new vocabulary! I also had training in English for Aviation and my teacher has really helped me to prepare for the SDEA-ICAO test I have to pass in Brazil. The lessons were a lot of fun and useful at the same time. The teaching techniques are great and I have had so much opportunity to speak and to practise.
Apart from the classes, there is a great atmosphere at MLS. Everyone is really friendly and there are lots of social activities where you can meet new people. I'm very grateful to my 4 special teachers Kevin, Phil, Shaun, Tracy and all the MLS staff. I don't want to go home - it's just been an amazing experience!"

Viktoriia, Russia
English and IELTS 30, 2018

"I studied in MLS College for 4 weeks. It was very interesting and profitably spent time. Not only did I make new friends here, but also improved my English skills. Although it was my second time here, I enjoyed taking part in extracurricular activities again. I very liked to attend classes, because it really helped me to improve my knowledge in English grammar and skills in listening, writing and speaking as well.
I do recommend to study in MLS College if you want to study in friendly atmosphere and develop your English language skills with professional teachers."

Ana Carolina, Brazil
Vocational Language Course in Marketing & Business Communication, 2018

"My name is Ana Carolina. I am a student of Marketing, Advertising, PR & Business Communications. The course is amazing.
The teacher is very good. Introducing and explaining marketing content in an unusual perspective, which can brighten your eyes and make you think in a different way. The materials and tools used are not only very helpful to theoretical comprehension, but also practical, allowing you to understand today´s market, marketing and business environment.
The atmosphere in classes is great. Small groups are good for interaction between teacher and students, and students among themselves, raising deep discussions and providing more focus on support and catering for individual needs and interests.
I really recommend it!"

Vaclav, Czech Republic
Intensive English (GE30), 2018

“My study was very interesting - I learnt lots. My English is much better than before. The teachers are happy, friendly and assisting. When I arrive at college and talk to the reception staff, I feel very happy, friendly and safe. They are always smiling and helpful. All the school staff are amazing!
I recommend this school to people all around the world – I think MLS is one of the best schools in the world. For me the social programmes is very original and without mistakes and the student services are the best I’ve ever had.”

Bruna, Brazil
Vocational Language Course in Legal Studies & Business Communication, 2018

"The Legal Studies course is very motivating and helpful. During the classes I learnt a lot of legal vocabulary that will help me in any future international business. The knowledge that I acquired will improve my CV and help me to find a job in a law firm more easily. The teaching method is very good, dynamic and compact and the teacher is inspiring and approachable. I studied hard and practised a lot to improve my English skills. As a result, I am leaving MLS fully satisfied with my development.

I just want to thank MLS for providing such an amazing course that has broadened my knowledge, that has changed my life and that will make a difference to my career."

Olga, Germany
International Business Communications (IBC40), 2018

“I studied on the ‘Super-intensive’ Business English course (IBC40) with one-to-one lessons at MLS for two weeks. It was a great experience for me – very good to refresh my knowledge and also a big leap by learning new grammar, vocabulary and expressions. In this course I had the possibility to discuss the topics that are important for my everyday life at work. I have not only learned English, but also very necessary behaviour patterns in meetings, presentations and telephone calls, such as how to handle ‘difficult’ participants or how to run a successful negotiation.

The teachers at the college are very friendly and take the students’ needs seriously. In my one-to-one lessons I could simulate my working day, by acting out in the classroom the situations that I face in reality in my job. It is very helpful to talk these things through and then I can become more confident in these situations.

Of course the practice at the evening events must not be neglected – MLS offers a lot of evening and weekend activities with other students for fun and language practice.

It was two very intensive and challenging weeks, but very useful and highly productive. "

Sandra, France
General English (GE30) and International Business Communications (IBC30) , 2017-2018

“I really enjoyed my six-month course I did in MLS College. All the teachers and staff are amazing! You feel like you are at home and everybody cares about your progress and wellbeing. I expected to reach a good English level to improve my career, but I have found more than this in MLS. I discovered that speaking English is enjoyable. I met very nice and interesting people from all over the world with whom I shared ideas, culture and made contacts. I have gained confidence and fluency.

Now I can proudly put 'Advanced' on my CV. It will open up my future work opportunities and it has definitely been a fabulous experience."

Jaeseok and Jihye, Korea
Intensive English (GE30) , 2017-2018

“One of the most precious experiences in our life.”

We’ve spent a wonderful time at MLS over the past six months. Before we came here together as husband and wife, it wasn’t easy to decide to study English abroad in the middle of our job career. However, now we realize it was a right decision since we’ve really enjoyed being here and achieved everything that we wished. Also, we’ve been really happy to meet excellent teachers and staff in MLS. They’re all friendly, professional and competent and helped us a lot to improve our English in numerous ways. Especially when we wanted to study specific subjects, all we needed to do was just talk to them and we got great advice every single time. Based on this experience, we’ll continue to try to maintain our English abilities. We hope we’ll be able to come back to MLS and Bournemouth one day.

Thank you all in MLS! We'll never forget the time we shared!"

Merve, Turkey
Legal Studies & Business Communications (VLS), 2017

“Studying in a foreign country for more than half a year is not an easy decision to make. You should change your friends, habits, and almost everything. Everyone is afraid of doing this for the first time. Especially, if you are alone and not sure that you can handle it.

Staying in a foreign country, does not mean you will be far away from your home. As I have learnt from my experience, your home is not only where you were born, it is also where you enjoy, laugh, and love. You can live with different people from all around the world without prejudice. It is an amazing thing to communicate with people from different countries, and sometimes to understand each other without words.

I have been in Bournemouth and MLS quite a long time, and during this time, I have felt I was at home. I really appreciate that I have been with the friendliest people in the world since I arrived to Bournemouth. All the staff are very professional, open-minded, and friendly. They try to understand how you feel and how they can help you which was very important and I feel it was the perfect decision to choose MLS.

During my experience, I discovered a lot about myself. I really took part in life at MLS from being a student Rep to studying Legal Studies, Business IBC and Communications classes. I have had an invaluable opportunity to improve my skills. I’m very grateful to have been at MLS.

Before I finish, I would like to say thank you for everyone for being a part of my life. Individually, thank you to Christian for being my mentor, best friend, and a teacher for 6 months. To Tracy for her boundless energy in class and smiley gorgeous face every morning. To Russ for supporting the perfect Turkish football team Eskisehirspor and being a wonderful Business Communications teacher. To Barry for being my favourite man in the school. To Mike for his perfect singing classes, and conversation clubs with Star Wars introductions. To David for his amazing academic study help. And finally, thank you Leslie and Sue for their friendly nature and caring attitude.”

Szonja, Hungary
International Business Communications (IBC) and English & IELTS (IELTS30), 2017

It was the second time that I chose an English school that improved my language skills. MLS has proved a good option because everybody has a good chance to work in English. I got a lot of help from the teachers, staff and my classmates. I could learn about new, exciting cultures and people. I'll never forget the time in Bournemouth and the time by the sea. If I could give some advice, you have to leave your comfort-zone and discover the world!”

Petra, Czech Republic
FCE and General English (FCE30), 2017

“If you want to spend your money sensibly, invest in your language education like me! I chose MLS International College in Bournemouth because this seaside college is very close to the beach and I could spend my leisure time after classes there. I normally don't live in the city near the sea, so I really enjoyed studying at MLS. In this small family school I felt at home and the lovely staff were always there for me.
Last but not least, I met a lot of nice people from other countries and I would like to see them again. Don't be shy and come to MLS!”

Jifang (Shirley), China
International Business Communications (IBC), 2017

“I’ve spent 6 weeks studying Business English here at MLS and it’s been a very important experience for me. I have learned a lot in the classes and now I will feel more confident speaking English with international clients. The service at MLS is excellent and it feels like home. I’ve met many students from all over the world and, as a result, I feel that I know the world better.”

Juan Esteban, Colombia
Executive Plus (IBC + Tailor Made), 2017

"As I am finishing my 2-week stay at MLS in Bournemouth, I can say that I have experienced both a personal and professional period.

First, I recovered the basis of my Business English by participating in classes with my teachers Tracy and Philip. I have learned a lot from them, especially about collocations and common expressions for the day-to-day workplace. I also learned a lot of vocabulary in these 2 weeks. The most interesting part of my Business English classes was to have the opportunity to share valuable time with students from other nationalities like China, Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, France and Libya. I want to thank my classmates for being so active during the lessons.

To conclude, I want to emphasise about my experience with Brenda during our one-to-one sessions working together on the strategy of my company. The experience has not been limited to the lessons, but also to the reading she has recommended me and the constant sharing. I personally think we have done very good work together, and I hope not to let my teacher down during the final presentation of my strategic plan.

Thanks a lot again to everybody at MLS. I found you all very kind and willing to help us with anything we might need."

Larysa, Ukraine
Intensive English (GE30), 2017

"I am currently doing Level B1+ here at MLS. I am a loved wife, proud mother, maths and physics teacher and a principle of one of the best secondary education schools in my hometown. One might wonder why I chose this particular college. Well, I got to know England before I actually visited it. This all started a while ago when my husband and I became concerned about providing our son, Oleksandr, with the best English language education possible.

At the age of 17 our son decided to become a civil aviation pilot. As you may know, international aviation provides the safest means of transportation around the world through implementing high standards around the globe, one of which is common aviation language - English. In 2012 we encountered MLS College and decided to give it a try. Oleksandr spent one month doing an aviation language course there and loved it so much that we decided to send him to do another course in 2013 and to sit an exam. It was not only about joy, hospitality and professional staff at MLS, it was also about results and achievements. In 2013, my son got ICAO Level 5.

Despite the already high result, he did not stop as the instructors at MLS kept him encouraged and motivated to study even harder. Finally in 2014 he achieved ICAO Level 6, which is quite rare for non-native speakers. On behalf of my son, I would like to thank his teachers for their outstanding commitment to his English language knowledge and career.

I am very proud of my son, but also want him to be proud of me. Therefore, I came to MLS to strengthen my knowledge of English to bring my career as a teacher and school principle to a new level. MLS is a unique educational experience."

Tugberk, Turkey
Management & Business Communications, 2017

"It was the best time of my life. I have learnt lots of things from MLS and I have met lots of people who are going to be forever with me. I am going to miss all of you. Thanks for everything. I hope, another time, another place, we will see each other again :-) "

Filipe, Angola
English & IELTS 30 / Pre-Masters, 2017

"Six months have passed. Studying at MLS College was one of the most exciting things I've had in my life. Program contents are adequate and materials are very valuable. The library contains books, magazines and publications that help the students. The teachers are spectacular. Many of them 5 stars. Do you want to apply for IELTS exam, or to be prepared for university, or just study English, do not hesitate to come to MLS. Lots of nationalities and you can make a lot of friends. The Bournemouth city is one of the most beautiful and touristy of England and it's only about 2 hours from London. I'm leaving today with a sense of accomplishment, goals achieved and with many praises for our MLS College."

Lea, Switzerland
Finance, Financial Services & Business Communictions, 2017

"MLS has provided me with a great language stay. Not only have I improved my Business English and International Finance skills, but I have also made very good friends with people all over the world. Due to the knowledge and experience of the teachers, the lessons were taught in a very exciting way. I'd definitely recommend MLS."

Fabrizio, Italy
Intensive English (GE30), 2017

"I found in this school a truly friendly atmosphere, where there is a well organised staff and teachers are very helpful. I am a teacher too, but here I learnt different ways to teach. I definitely recommend trying this experience. It will be really difficult for me to say goodbye to people who have become my friends."

Joienya, France
Intensive English (GE30) and International Business Communications (IBC30), 2017

"I really enjoyed my 3 month courses at MLS, as I have improved my English skills but also met a lot of people from everywhere. Teachers are really professional and energetic, which gave us the motivation and desire to learn. The social programme was amusing and helps students to get to know each other better. I will definitely recommend this college. In fact, my experience at MLS and in Bournemouth has inspired me to look for a job here!"

Vadim, Svetlana and Martin, Estonia (mother, father and son)
Intensive English 30 Plus (GE30+) / English & IELTS (IELTS 30), 2017

"We had the best experience of learning English in MLS College. The atmosphere was always fun and it was really awesome to meet and communicate with people from another countries. We really recommend this international college to the students from all around the globe."

Yasmine, Turkey
Vocational (Career-relevant English) course in Management and Marketing, 2017

“Let’s go back 6 months... When it was my first day at MLS I was a bit worried because I did not have enough knowledge about Bournemouth and also I did not know how it was here, how my classmates were, how everything was. But now I surely believe that I have improved myself very well. I have had a lot of experience about Marketing, Management and HR. In addition, my English has improved as well.
Time has gone very quickly. I cannot explain how happy I have been. It has been a pleasure to meet everyone at MLS. Thank you very much for your hospitality. Thank you very much for your help.”

Joao, Brazil
Management, Leadership, HR & Business Communications, 2017

"I came to Bournemouth to study in MLS at a friend's suggestion and I have absolutely no regrets about it. All the teachers are good and friendly and the course gave me knowledge which will be helpful in my career in the future. Besides, I feel more confident to speak English. The teachers are great and have an enormous capacity to share their knowledge. Everyone is nice, polite and friendly. I already miss all the friends that I made here, surely I will remember them for my entire life. Thank you!"

Luisa, Brazil
Marketing, Advertising & PR (Vocational Summer Course), 2017

"Amazing! This is how I can describe my time in MLS. Even being there for only two weeks, it was more than enough to enjoy every minute of the classes, interact with their incredible staff from reception and teachers. If work wasn't calling me back to Brazil, I would certainly stay for a longer time.
Marketing and IBC classes added a lot of useful and applicable knowledge that I will surely take with me to improve my career and studies even now.
Summarising, it doesn't matter if you will have a long or short time in MLS, it will surely be unforgettable!"

Sebastien, France
International Business Communications (IBC) and 1:1 lessons, 2017

“I had to improve my English skills and I am completely satisfied with my MLS experience. As soon as I arrived, I felt very good, the atmosphere of this school is simply excellent.
All the teachers are very attentive, involved and interested in their work. In my programme, I had the chance to have lunch every day with a different teacher and it was a great experience – we discussed every subject. I also had the chance to do a one-to-one lesson each day. We worked intensively on my pronunciation and it was very useful.
The location of MLS is also perfect, in the city centre. The building is very nice and there are many things to make life easier for students around MLS. And last but not least is the opportunity to meet other students from all around the world. The mix of cultures was just amazing and I’ve learnt a lot about this.
Nothing to add, except that I highly recommend MLS for all these reasons.”

Zhanel, Kazakhstan
English and IELTS (IELTS 30), 2017

“I was pleased to be here and would like to say thanks to MLS College for a great experience. Friendly atmosphere, wonderful and kind teachers. I met gorgeous friends and I will remember all the funny moments we had together.”

Ching-Huan, Taiwan
International Business Communications (IBC), 2016

“I was very happy to join MLS, where I studied IBC for 6 months. I like the teachers – they are friendly and lovely and they taught me everything I needed about business skills and English.  Thanks for everything.”

Elena, Russia
Pre-Master’s in Finance, 2016

“During the last six months MLS has become a part of me, like part of my family. I will never forget my classes and the knowledge that I gained here and it won’t be easy for me to say goodbye to people who have become good friends and have supported me in some difficult times.  Teachers made the classes fun and interesting.”

Hongyi, China
University Foundation Course: Management, 2016

“MLS is not only a place where you study specific courses or knowledge, but also offers a chance to learn about multiple cultures. The teachers have great passion and enthusiasm about their work and students.”

Sigrid, Argentina
Intensive English (GE30), 2016

“I really enjoyed the experience at MLS College. I could learn and improve my English and I feel that it is much better now. I met lovely people that made me feel very welcome during the classes. I know a lot more about other cultures – it was very interesting. I had great teachers, they were so polite and sweet. I will definitely return soon. Thank you to all MLS staff!”

Loris, Switzerland
General English (GE20), 2016

“When I came to MLS I thought I was merely going to be sitting in the classroom waiting for the time to pass as I already had a pretty good level. I was proved wrong immediately. The teachers were amazing in every regard and the classes were fun and challenging. I have learned more than I ever imagined I would and I had a lot of fun doing it. I am grateful to the teachers for supporting and challenging me and I am grateful to all the staff for organizing such a great stay with very enjoyable activities in the afternoons and evenings. It was a great experience, I feel more confident teaching English and I’m certain that I will pass the CPE.”

Mariana, Brazil
Univeristy Foundation Course: Legal Studies, 2016

“I already miss all you guys, and to be honest, still difficult to put in words the time I spent with all of you. It was such a lovely period that made me grow and learn so much, not only English! All the staff members, teachers, students and the school environment were just perfectly aligned for me to achieve the results I needed, and after all, thank you is the only thing I could say. There are no words to express my gratitude and everything that MLS became in my life.”

Rakan, Saudi Arabia
Intensive English (GE30), 2016

"What a lovely 6 months! I'd like to say thanks to MLS for giving me the chance to improve my English language skills - such a nice experience. It helped me a lot and changed my life. Also, thanks to all teachers who taught me and helped me to achieve my score goal in the IELTS.
I'll never forget each hour I spent in MLS and, hopefully, I'll come back in the future."

Yuka, Japan
HND in Business, 2016

“I am so happy that I studied at MLS. I had a great two years there and I met wonderful teachers and cheerful friends. I got a lot of help from the teachers throughout the HND course, which was definitely helpful for my study. Another good thing about this college is that the business tutors have a lot of experience so we learned not only the theory, but also worked on practical case studies. I had an amazing time at MLS College and I can truly recommend this college to everyone.”

Anna, Italy
Intensive English (GE30), 2015

“MLS is not only the place where I study, it is like a second home. Before coming here I was narrow-minded, now I have changed my view. I have met a lot of people from other countries and every day I learn something different about their country.

The people who work in the school are very friendly and helpful.  I was scared at the beginning but everybody helped me.  I loved studying in this school and I really recommend it.”

Dhamwasu, Thailand
Intensive English (GE30), 2015

“I studied at MLS for 3 months and improved the English skills that it is necessary to use fluently in real life.   The teachers prepared their lessons very well and we had interesting classes.   I also made a lot of friends from many different countries.  If you want to have valuable experience and knowledge, this place can give you it all.”

Erika, Venezuela
International Business Communications (IBC), 2015

“I decided to enrol for the IBC course to improve my English and therefore my career prospects.   After 20 weeks I have to say that it was the best decision I could have made.  I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn business and language skills.  The course topics are very interesting and useful and the environment is professional.  The teachers are superb.  I feel that I have learned so much.”

Markus, Germany
International Business Communications (IBC), 2015

"I had a great time at MLS! I was impressed at how fast I became a part of the ‘MLS family’ - I didn’t feel like a student number only. It´s very easy to socialise with other students in the breaks between the lessons. All the students, teachers and the whole staff are very pleasant, friendly and helpful in every situation.
It was fun at MLS as the experienced teachers know exactly how to motivate their students and prepare their lessons carefully to eliminate the weaknesses and improve the English skills. If I go to Bournemouth again, then I’ll definitely also go to MLS International College."

Sevilay, Turkey
Finance and Financial Services, 2015

“When I decided to come to MLS College I knew I had made a good choice for myself. My teachers were amazing. I had the chance to use my experience and to learn so many things about my subject. Moreover, the social activities were very impressive. It was a lovely 12 weeks for me and I will always remember it.”

Lucrecia, Argentina
General English (GE20), 2015

“Studying English at MLS is an efficient, amusing and unforgettable way of improving the language. All of the teachers and the College staff are well trained to work with foreigners, making everyone feel at ease and comfortable during the class.
As a great way of meeting other students, the college organises different activities after class such as bowling or weekend trips. Staying at a host family as well as sharing the classes with people of different nationalities makes it essential the constant use of the language. You won't only learn about the English culture, but also about others from all around the world.
I recommend this experience to all those who are interested in improving their English while learning about culture, visiting beautiful places and making friends.”