MLS International College is accredited, recognised or authorised by a number of external Quality Bodies, as listed below.

English Language Teaching Accreditation

The British Council, in partnership with English UK, forms a national accrediting body, AccreditationUK, for accredited schools, colleges and universities that provide English language courses. Inspections are carried out at least every four years. The English UK complaints procedure also provides students with access to an independent ombudsman.

The 2015 Accreditation UK report for MLS is available by clicking here.

English Language Test Centre Accreditations

The Cambridge English BULATS test is an online test, with results expressed in terms of the CEFR (A1-C2) based on your performance. MLS is an Authorised Examination Centre for the BULATS test, which is widely recognised in the workplace.

MLS International College is currently the only UK test centre for the English for Aviation Language Testing System (EALTS), administered by LTAS. LTAS Ltd has been approved by the UK CAA as an ICAO and EASA compliant Language Assessment Body, and the certificates it issues are recognised for pilot and air traffic controller license endorsement purposes.

Content Based Learning and Recognition

NCFE are an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators of England Ofqual, Wales (Qualification Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation).  This is an unregulated qualification and is not a nationally recognised qualification.