MLS is an independent, family owned, college providing courses for adult international students, in a professional and caring environment. MLS understands that every student is different, and our courses are designed with the flexibility to adapt them to suit the individual needs of each of our students.

Mission Statement and Core Values

MLS Mission Statement

Our vision for success is simple.  We are a private training centre still owned by the founding family, which means we understand the core values of quality, client service and speed of assistance.  Our aim is to ensure that your training programme and experience meet the specific requirements you come with and our client service team will always be ready to help you, both before you arrive and when you are with us.

MLS Core Values

MLS is an independent, family owned, college with no connection to any group or chain of schools, giving us control over our quality.  MLS is regularly inspected by the British Council and NCFE.  In our 2019 British Council inspection MLS achieved points of strength in the areas of strategic and quality management, staff management, student administration, learning resources, academic staff profile, academic management, course design, care of students, leisure opportunities and safeguarding under 18s.

Think Independent … Think MLS!

  • We are committed to value each individual
  • We strive to be successful and offer opportunity
  • We are passionate about our business
  • We act with integrity and show respect
  • We strive for simplicity

The History of MLS

Since its foundation in 1987, MLS International College has been committed to delivering quality training in English Language, English for special purposes and English for academic purposes.  Our courses are designed to meet the needs of adult learners who require English language for their use in the workplace and those seeking university study, as well as those who just want to improve their general English level.

More than 1000 students each year choose MLS and we are proud that students often do so because of recommendation from past students.

We aim to serve the needs of overseas universities, globally recognised businesses, governments, military and aviation authorities as well as individual adult students seeking professional and academic language training.

Alongside General English, we aim to deliver courses that embed professional content within course structures.  That professional content includes Business Management and Marketing, Legal English, Financial English and Air Traffic Control and Flight Crew Communications.  We always endeavour to respond to specific content requests, as required, and we aim to retain teachers with specialist subject knowledge backgrounds.

MLS merged with Bournemouth Business School International in January 2016.  This merger was a transfer of BBSI’s assets and ongoing business to MLS.  The merger provided the opportunity to develop the merged schools as one of the leading Professional and Business English Language training centres in the UK, combining over 50 years of English, Business English and University preparation teaching experience for international students.

The UK remains a location of excellence in education and Bournemouth is a premier English language study destination in the UK, offering a superb student experience in and out of the classroom.  MLS was the winner of the Education Category in the Bournemouth Tourism Awards 2017.

We warmly invite you to study with us at MLS !


A fantastic location for language learning

Bournemouth is an outstanding setting for an adult language school.  The college itself is in a beautiful Victorian building, right in the centre of town and only a 2 minute walk from beautiful golden beaches.  With tourism and education being major industries in the town, Bournemouth offers outstanding tourist events and facilities.  It is also a centre for banking, insurance, aviation and other high-tech industries.  Whatever time of the year you decide to come to Bournemouth, there is always something happening.