Who are these courses designed for?

The MLS Vocational Business Language Courses are designed for both professionals and students of business who have an interest in management and marketing issues facing businesses today.

Why Choose a Vocational Language Course at MLS?

  • a challenging, professional course
  • new opportunities for progression in your work or studies
  • valid experience for your CV
  • a friendly, supportive environment
  • all round business and language training that will help you succeed
  • external certification available (NCFE, Edexcel, BULATS)

Course Choice

MLS Business Simulation Programme

A practical activity based course for students and young professionals, typically aged up to 25. This language and communication course is based on a range of contemporary marketing and management issues facing modern business today, and will develop knowledge of relevant business issues and improve communication skills in a multi-cultural setting.

The minimum age is 16 years (typically 18+), the entry level is Intermediate (equivalent to CEFR B1/IELTS 4.5). The course can be studied for between 1-24 weeks. All students attending will be eligible for and MLS certificate of studies, but students who attend for 6 weeks or more will also be eligible to receive a Continuing Professional Development award that will enhance their CV in today’s competitive recruitment market.

MLS Management, Marketing and English Studies (Level 4)
(available from September 2019)

A more academic study option enabling students to improve their English language, whilst at the same time studying towards a qualification in Management and Marketing.

The minimum age is 16 years (typically 18+), the entry level is Intermediate (equivalent to CEFR B1/IELTS 4.5), and the course can be studied for 6, 12, 18 or 24 weeks. The course blends RQF Level 4 units from the Edexcel Pearson HNC portfolio and the MLS General English syllabus. It follows a single study unit selected from the Edexcel Pearson HNC portfolio each 6 weeks, and is delivered over 32 lessons (24 hours) each week, 20 lessons of which are in English language. A minimum of 6 weeks study is required to complete each study unit.

Note: the Business Simulation Programme is available from 1 October 2018.  The Management, Marketing and English Studies (Level 4) course is available from 30 September 2019.

Optional External Examinations

During your course at MLS you can also choose to prepare for additional external examinations.

MLS is an approved test centre for the Cambridge BULATS (Business Language Testing System) and you can book a BULATS test either when you enrol or once you are studying at the College.  MLS offers BULATS preparation lessons as an Elective (2 lessons per week, additional fees would apply).

Cambridge IELTS exams take place monthly in Bournemouth and we can help you enrol for the exam.

For further information, please see our Examinations page.

Flexible Courses – Adapt your Course to Suit You

All MLS courses are made up from a variety of learning Elements, with each Element offering a different approach to learning English.

During your time at MLS it is possible to amend your course to better fit your specific needs (subject to your language level and class availability):

  • Students can exchange Elements 1-6 at no additional cost
  • Exchanging Elements 7, 8 and 9 may incur an additional cost
  • All course changes will incur an additional course materials fee

This enables us to offer you a quality learning experience that suits your individual needs.

For more information on each of the Elements, see the Elements of Study page.

MLS Elements of Study Graphic

  • Element 1 – improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Element 2 – develop your reading and writing skills
  • Element 3 – improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Element 4 – prepare to take examinations
  • Element 5 – develop English language for business
  • Element 6 – practice business English communication skills
  • Element 7 – study business-related topics in English
  • Element 8 – learn English for Aviation
  • Element 9 – bespoke one-to-one or closed group training