From 1 October 2018 a new range of Vocational Business Language Courses will be launched, replacing our current range of courses.

Who are these courses designed for?

The MLS range of Vocational Language Courses come from the Bournemouth Business School International (BBSI) suite of courses, following the merger of BBSI into MLS in 2016.

These career-relevant English language courses are designed for students or young professionals, who are either studying or starting out on their careers.  Students are typically aged 18-30 and these courses are a great way to build your CV and provide a solid introduction to the concepts and communication skills associated with careers in your chosen field.

Summer Vocational Language Courses During the summer months – July to September – the courses are available as the standard 30 lesson per week course (22.5 hours), or as the less intensive summer-only option of 20 lessons (15 hours) per week.  Summer courses can be joined on Monday 2 July or Monday 13 August 2018.

Why Choose a Vocational Language Course at MLS?

  • a challenging, professional course
  • new opportunities for progression in your work or studies
  • valid experience for your CV
  • a friendly, supportive environment
  • all round business and language training that will help you succeed
  • external certification available (NCFE or BULATS)

Training Objectives

  • to provide students with specialised language in their chosen subject
  • to enable students to communicate more effectively in the context of their chosen subject
  • to enable students to explore current theory & practice in their chosen subject in the medium of English
  • to develop students’ English communication skills
  • to develop students’ business communication skills

Vocational Language Course Awards

You can study our Vocational Language courses as either short-term or long-term study options (2-24 weeks).  On successful completion of your course, you will receive an MLS certificate and report.  In addition, for each full 6-week specialist Study Unit successfully completed, you will receive additional NCFE certification:

Certificate: 2-5 weeks, MLS Certificate and Report.

Vocational Certificate: 6-11 weeks, MLS Certificate and Report / NCFE Certificate on successful completion of one full Study Unit in specialised management, marketing, or legal studies.

Vocational Higher Certificate: 12-23 weeks, MLS Certificate and Report / NCFE Certificate on successful completion of two or three full Study Units in specialised management, marketing, or legal studies.

Vocational Diploma: 24 weeks, MLS Certificate and Report / NCFE Certificate on successful completion of four full Study Units in management, marketing, or legal studies.

Optional Business English Exam

               The MLS Vocational Language courses are ideal preparation for the BULATS test.

BULATS is a Cambridge English online test, with results expressed in terms of the CEFR (A1-C2) based on your performance.  MLS is an approved test centre for BULATS.  There are three separate modules available.

  • Module 1: Reading and Listening
  • Module 2: Writing
  • Module 3: Speaking

Candidates can take 1, 2 or all 3 modules as required to measure their Business English competence and will receive a Test Report Form for each module.  The results for Module 1 are available on the same day, and for Modules 2 and 3 the results are usually available within a week of taking the test, making this a flexible choice of exam and one that is regularly run in MLS.

For details of examination dates and fees, see our 2018 Examination Dates and Fees.

Flexible Courses – Adapt your Course to Suit You

All MLS courses are made up from a variety of learning Elements, with each Element offering a different approach to learning English.

During your time at MLS it is possible to amend your course to better fit your specific needs (subject to your language level and class availability):

  • Students can exchange Elements 1-6 at no additional cost
  • Exchanging Elements 7, 8 and 9 may incur an additional cost
  • All course changes will incur an additional course materials fee

This enables us to offer you a quality learning experience that suits your individual needs.

For more information on each of the Elements, see the Elements of Study page.

MLS Elements of Study Graphic

  • Element 1 – improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Element 2 – develop your reading and writing skills
  • Element 3 – improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Element 4 – prepare to take examinations
  • Element 5 – develop English language for business
  • Element 6 – practice business English communication skills
  • Element 7 – study business-related topics in English
  • Element 8 – learn English for Aviation
  • Element 9 – bespoke one-to-one or closed group training