Who are these programmes designed for?

The MLS International Business Communications (IBC) courses are designed as professional language training programmes for those involved in the world of business.

Students choosing the IBC courses are typically aged 30 and over.  The IBC classes at MLS run at two levels (Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate/Advanced).

Throughout the courses you will continue to improve your English language ability through the context of business language.  You will also practise key skills that are needed in any business environment, such as negotiation and giving presentations.

Those choosing to study 30 lessons or more will also benefit from content-based study of a range of business-related topics in the fields of management and marketing.

The IBC courses also provide ideal preparation for the BULATS (Business Language Testing System) or BEC (Cambridge English: Business) examinations.

Note: the International Business Communications courses will be available in their current format until 21 September 2018. 

New format Business English courses will be available after this date … full details will follow.

Training Objectives:

  • to improve your business English language within the environment of living and studying in the UK
  • to improve your business English skills so that the right balance of accuracy and fluency can be achieved

Optional Business English Exam

The MLS IBC courses are ideal preparation for the BULATS test.

BULATS is a Cambridge English online test, with results expressed in terms of the CEFR (A1-C2) based on your performance.  MLS is an approved test centre for BULATS.  There are three separate modules available:

  • Module 1: Reading and Listening
  • Module 2: Writing
  • Module 3: Speaking

Candidates can take 1, 2 or all 3 modules as required to measure their Business English competence and will receive a Test Report Form for each module.  The results for Module 1 are available on the same day, and for Modules 2 and 3 the results are usually available within a week of taking the test, making this a flexible choice of exam and one that is regularly run in MLS.

Flexible Courses – Adapt your Course to Suit You

All MLS courses are made up from a variety of learning Elements, with each Element offering a different approach to learning English.

During your time at MLS it is possible to amend your course to better fit your specific needs (subject to your language level and class availability):

  • Students can exchange Elements 1-6 at no additional cost
  • Exchanging Elements 7, 8 and 9 may incur an additional cost
  • All course changes will incur an additional course materials fee

This enables us to offer you a quality learning experience that suits your individual needs.

For more information on each of the Elements, see the Elements of Study page.

MLS Elements of Study Graphic

  • Element 1 – improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Element 2 – develop your reading and writing skills
  • Element 3 – improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Element 4 – prepare to take examinations
  • Element 5 – develop English language for business
  • Element 6 – practice business English communication skills
  • Element 7 – study business-related topics in English
  • Element 8 – learn English for Aviation
  • Element 9 – bespoke one-to-one or closed group training