MLS teacher development courses in English are available on request.  Please contact us for details.

Teacher Tutorials

If you are a teacher or a prospective teacher you may wish to combine your own professional language development with a clear focus on the methodology of language teaching in general.

Elfi, Germany, 2018

“Being a teacher of English I had already made up my mind to look for a place to further my education at a British College and after searching for one on the internet I found the address of MLS College.

The very first contact with the lady responsible for information was helpful, positive and encouraging. It took only a short time to receive an answer to my open questions. So I would say that the support given concerning all the necessary forms that had to be completed was excellent. The first day of class was an interesting mix of being informed about the college and the attractive city of Bournemouth as well as having the chance to attend suitable class meetings to practise my English. Not only was I offered classes to work on my knowledge of English but what was even more enriching in the afternoons  was that I could observe various instructors teaching classes at different levels. I was also able to look at a wide range of teaching materials to gain a deeper insight into the variety of language resources. Let me mention that I felt welcome and respected at all times by the staff as well as by other students at MLS College. My host family was helpful and the opportunity to concentrate on my work was guaranteed.

The idea of Erasmus  being to widen one’s horizon for working as a teacher successfully was fully realized during my stay.

I am very thankful for this invaluable experience and would add that if you are looking for a place to do some additional further education work I strongly recommend attending a course at MLS College in Bournemouth.

Thank you for the wonderful support !!”

Overseas Teacher Refresher Courses

On request, MLS offers groups of teachers the chance to follow an intensive course on language teaching methodology.  The course can be organised according to client group demand.

The language methodology focus will be agreed with the teachers.  The following content is typical:

  • variety of activities within the lesson, including staging and sequencing of activities
  • student-centred activities
  • teacher monitoring of student interaction and classroom management
  • teaching with technology
  • attention given to the opportunities for students to personalise the language in focus
  • exploitation of teaching material
  • communication in the classroom
  • checking understanding of language and concepts