English for Aviation

Designed to meet the English-language training requirements of pilots and air traffic controllers, MLS provides courses in English for Aviation language proficiency development up to ICAO Operational Level 4 and beyond.

Course options include 30 lessons of General English plus either 2 or 4 lessons per week of Aviation English on a one-to-one or small group (maximum 6) basis.  A tailored group course is also available on request and subject to specific agreement.  The MLS English for Aviation programmes give you the opportunity to revise, consolidate and extend your use of English in the context of aviation, and are also the perfect preparation for any ICAO compliant English for Aviation language test.  All applicants will be asked to complete a Training Needs Analysis form to enable MLS to tailor the one-to-one/small group element of the course to meet your specific needs.

Specialised Nature

Drawing on experience gained in providing training in English for Aviation over four decades, our courses offer instruction and practice in the day-to-day language of aeronautical communciations, helping you to meet your learning objectives and encouraging you to broaden your range of effective professional and operational communication skills.  The specialised content of the MLS English for Aviation courses is fixed firmly in the aviation environment. At all levels of proficiency, the courses have as their focus the development of accurate, effective and confident communication in operational situations.

Specialised Content

The full MLS English for Aviation syllabus can take an Elementary level student to Operational Level 4 and above, providing language training, skills development and practice in a wide range of relevant topics and domains, including the following:

  • the pilot/controller language of aerodrome and approach communications
  • the pilot/controller language of en-route communications
  • listening and speaking in pilot to controller, pilot to pilot, and controller to controller interactions
  • effective language for communicating in routine operations
  • effective language for dealing with misunderstandings in communications and for checking, clarifying and confirming
  • effective language for managing communications in non-routine circumstances and urgency and emergency situations
  • aviation related language systems development (pronunciation, structure and vocabulary)
  • miscellaneous language of aeronautical communications

Programme Objective

The overall objective of our English for Aviation language training courses is to develop your communication skills to a level that will allow you to demonstrate, in language assessment and in professional practice, language proficiency at Operational Level 4 and above on the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale.

Aviation English

Weekly Programme
  • EA2 –  30 lessons of Integrated General English + 2 lessons 1:1 or closed group per week in technical language and communications skills in an aviation context
  • EA4 – 30 lessons of integrated General English + 4 lessons 1:1 or closed group per week in technical language and communications skills in an aviation context
  • EAG – English for Aviation Group programme – course structure may be tailored to requirements subject to specific training needs analysis.

Courses are arranged on request.  Excursions to professional and cultural places of interest and presentations on specialised subjects may be included in the programme on request.

  • Maximum class size: 15 (subject to client specifications)

MLS was pleased to sponsor the English Language Proficiency Prize at the 25th Russian State ATM Corporation ATCO competition held at Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation in December 2016. The prize went to Andre Dolgopolov, who won an all-expenses paid 2-week course at MLS.  During the three days of competition, along with their English language proficiency, the Air Traffic Controllers were assessed on their performance in a range of ATC simulator-based tasks and on their knowledge of aviation theory.  Not only did Andre awarded the English language proficiency prize, but overall was voted one of the best Air Traffic Controller Officers in the Russian Federation. Congratulations to him.  We are only sorry the course was so short!

MLS is an approved Aviation English Test Centre

MLS is currently the only UK Test Centre for the English for Aviation Language Testing System (EALTS).

The EALTS is administered by Language Testing and Assessment Services Ltd (LTAS) and provides tests of English language proficiency in the context of aviation specifically developed in response to the ICAO 2008 Language Proficiency Requirements.

The English for Aviation Language Test (EALT) is designed for pilots and air traffic controllers requiring the assessment and certification of their English language proficiency in accordance with the ICAO March 2008 standard. The EALT allows non-native English speaking aviation personnel to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language in the context of aviation and aeronautical communications.

With its focus on language proficiency in the context of aviation, rather than on operational procedures and radiotelephone phraseology, the EALT is an appropriate and fair test from which accurate and reliable assessments of language proficiency can be made.

Since 2008, the EALT has been used successfully to assess the English for Aviation language proficiency of flight crew and air traffic control personnel from over 50 ICAO Member States for benchmarking and/or license endorsement purposes, making it one of the more widely used English for Aviation language tests available internationally.

LTAS, the administrators of the EALTS, has been approved and certificated by the UK CAA as an ICAO and EASA compliant Language Assessment Body (UK CAA-PTO 0169). This recognition by our national licensing authority gives the EALTS important regulatory validation and is the assurance of the quality of the services we provide to the aviation industry.

Further details of the EALTS, including demonstration and sample material, are available at www.ealts.com.

Other Aviation Training Available

In addition to our English for Aviation language training and assessment services, MLS is pleased to offer the following services:

MLS International English for Aviation Language Consultancy

Our aviation consultancy work has grown out of our close relationships with our clients and our understanding of the complexities they face in complying with the ICAO requirements.  Our expert team work together with Human Resource and Training Managers to assist them in analysing their language requirements, in exploring the training and assessment options available, and in achieving their language objectives.

Consultancy can include:

  • Inspections of language training departments, facilities and resources
  • Audit of General English language and English for Aviation language proficiencies
  • Diagnostic language assessment, screening and evaluation of personnel
  • Needs analysis for language training
  • Feasibility studies including financial/budget forecasts
  • Training and assessment strategy development: developing a plan for ICAO compliance
  • Developing training plans and schedules including financial and budget forecasts
  • English for Aviation programme development
  • English for Aviation syllabus, curriculum and course design
  • English for Aviation materials and resource development
  • English for Aviation trainer and assessor training
  • Monitoring & evaluation of language programmes including report-writing and feedback

Consultancy can also include guidance on the selection of published General English and English for Aviation teaching materials and resources for supportive language training for ICAO Level 1 Pre-Elementary and Level 2 Elementary English language learners.

Closely associated with, and driven by, our almost 30 years of providing Aviation English language training, we are proud to have provided our consultancy services to national aviation authorities, airlines, pilot training organisations, air navigation service providers, ATC training centres and language schools overseas.

Teacher Training Programme: English for Aviation 

An efficient way for a company or organisation to meet the ICAO language requirements and to develop language training self-sufficiency is by increasing its overall training capacity. Our Aviation English Teacher Training course is perfect for revising, consolidating and extending the skills of aviation and teaching personnel and for providing them with the competencies required to deliver effective English language training to air traffic controllers and pilots.

“It is the second time I’ve done a course at MLS. Last year I did an aviation rater’s course and I returned this year for a tailor made course in Aviation teaching methodology and materials development. I returned to MLS because it was one of the best schools I’ve ever been to. The programme was carefully prepared and was precisely relevant to my needs and the teachers were really motivated and dedicated.” Teresa, Poland, 2017

Examiner Training Programme: English for Aviation Interlocutors and Assessors

A further step an organisation may take in meeting and maintaining the ICAO 2008 language proficiency requirements (LRPs) and to develop autonomy in language assessment is to develop and certify its own English for Aviation examiners.

The MLS ICAO LPR Examiner Training Programme upgrades the skills of aviation and Aviation English teaching professionals and provides them with the competencies required to administer language testing and assess language proficiency in the critical skills of operational language proficiency as defined in the ICAO Holistic Descriptors against the descriptors contained in the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale.

MLS works with other training providers within the Aviation industry who can provide a range of Training programmes. Should you require any further information, contact us for more details.


The English for Aviation Language Testing System (EALTS) is a multi-level testing system designed to assess the language proficiency of air traffic controllers, commercial flight crew and recreational pilots across all levels of the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale from Pre-Elementary Level 1 to Expert Level 6.

The testing system assesses the English language skills of speaking and listening in the context of aviation and aeronautical communications. An award in the CAAi English for Aviation Language Test of a rating of Operational Level 4 or above may be used as evidence of having demonstrated the level of language proficiency required under the March 2008 ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements for licence endorsement purposes.

The EALTS is the language proficiency testing system approved by the UKCAA (UKCAA PTO 0169). Developed and administered in association with Language Testing and Assessment Services Ltd (LTAS), the EALTS conforms to all ICAO standards and recommended practices in language proficiency assessment www.ealts.com.