As UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have strict guidelines when applying for a UK visa, MLS has prepared this brief guide to help you prepare for a visa application as we wish to ensure that every student has the best chance of success.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the current Immigration Rules and policy guidance, available on the UKVI website, which prevail at all times:

At the time of enrolment, MLS requires:

  • Copy of student’s valid passport.
  • Completed MLS enrolment form (or approved ETO enrolment form) which confirms:
    • Student’s acceptance of MLS Terms & Conditions
    • Student’s address in their home country
    • Details of any previous UK visa refusal/s
    • Details of any previous UK study – the visa may be rejected if a student has shown no previous inclination to study the language. Alternatively/additionally, the student’s professional status and current employment details may also be relevant to the visa application.  Please provide MLS with all relevant information at the time of enrolment.
  • Information indicating the student’s academic suitability for the course, eg for English language courses we need a clear indication of the student’s current English language level.
  • Tuition fee deposit of at least GBP £1,000.00. The amount received by MLS has to be shown on the Visa Letter.  Of course, if all fees are paid in advance, the student’s chances of a successful visa application are greatly increased.
  • For students aged 16 or 17, a signed parental consent form will also be needed. We will issue the form on receipt of the enrolment.

Making an application for a Short-Term Study Visa

Before applying, students should read the following UKVI documents:

Applications must be made online for a short-term study visa at:

Biometric residence permits (11 month short-term study visas only) (BRPs) must be collected within 10 days of the stated arrival date in the UK (even if actual arrival is at a later date).  For details see  MLS students will need to collect their BRPs from Winton Post Office, located in the SPAR shop (Southern Co-op), 391-393 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH9 2AQ.