How to Book a Course at MLS

Take our English Test
Choose your Course
Complete your Enrolment


  1.  Take our English Test

Take our English test to check your level of English, and submit the results to MLS.  We can then help you choose the MLS course which will best help you to achieve your goals.  If you already know your English level, move straight to Step 2 below (Choose your Course).

  1. Choose your Course

Explore our full range of courses and choose the right course for you.  Contact us at any time during this process for help and advice.  If you already know which course you want to study, move straight to Step 3 below (Complete your Enrolment).

  1. Complete your Enrolment

Complete an MLS Enrolment Form – you can enrol online, or if you prefer you can download a PDF Enrolment Form and return it to MLS once completed (send it to:, or by fax to: +44 (0)1202 293846).

Email a scanned, colour copy of your full current passport to:

Once we receive your completed Enrolment Form and Passport copy, MLS will review your application and will contact you to advise the next steps.

Important Enrolment Information

MLS prefers students who need a visa to study to book courses via an MLS Educational Tour Operator (ETO) in their home country and will be pleased to provide details on request.

MLS is an adult college, but can consider bookings from 16/17 year olds.  In the event that a student is below the age of 18, a full junior enrolment procedure will need to be followed in addition to the main procedures. For all academic programmes, the appropriate supporting academic documentation must be provided showing suitability for the course/s applied for in line with the MLS admissions policy and current UKVI requirements. Once an enrolment has been accepted, MLS will issue invoices along with an initial acceptance letter.

Fee payment will then be required to confirm a booking.  A minimum deposit of £500.00 is required for all courses.  Students who require visa letters will be required to pay additional deposit charges as confirmed by MLS.  Once the deposit has been received, MLS will then issue a confirmation letter, including accommodation details, if requested.  Where a visa application is required, MLS will issue a letter suitable for visa application purposes.

All students will receive a Welcome Letter which will help prepare them for their stay in the UK. Once enrolled, students need to confirm their proposed arrival dates to MLS with flight/travel details for airport transfer requirements or homestay accommodation.

MLS must be informed of the result of any visa application.  In the event of visa refusal, a copy of the rejection letter from the British Embassy must be sent to MLS.